Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cuttin' Church

What a weekend!! Courtney(Jonathan's Brother), Holly, Brigham, and Eliza came to visit! It was an absolute blast. We stayed up late, lounged around too long on Saturday to go on our hike. (Not to blame them) But the Boys decided that maybe we should skip out on church a bit early and maybe go on our family hike on Sunday so we would have Monday available to really play. Well, things were going as planned, we were just out of the second hour determining if we were really going to use our exit strategy when Jacob comes running (yes running in church) around the corner holding his hand bleeding horribly! The next thing I know my baby is in the boys bathroom so I can't help him or find out what happened!!! Of course he had two doctors taking care of him physically, but what about his emotional needs! What about my emotional needs! After watching me pace back and forth in front of the bathroom, my dear friend Jodi says, "Go in, I think it is safe." So I venture into the boys bathroom, and perform my motherly duty of taking care of my child. Stitches were needed and we were on our way home from church faster than our plans would have taken us!! We spend the day hanging out, playing games, watching church videos, eating good food, having a massive Nerf battle, and having a lot of fun. Needless to say, we were cuttin' church because one of us got cut at church!

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